Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

Sweet Pig Makes Sure His Sick Brother Never Goes Hungry.

As humans, we all have that one person that means the world to us. We call them when we're sad, or not feeling well. We lean on them when we're having a hard time standing up on our own. And when we're having a great day, they're the first person we want to share that with. It may surprise you to find out that humans aren't the only ones who can create and maintain powerful bonds. Keep reading to find out how these pig brothers couldn't live without each other.

Say hello to Horton and Henry!

These two pigs were rescued from a pig farm by The Gentle Barn when they were only a few months old. When The Gentle Barn took them in, the pigs were infected with parasites and their bones were showing from starvation. But no matter what they were going through, Horton and Henry had each other.

Unfortunately, because of the way they were treated, they were also afraid of humans.

“We sat with them every day for weeks to comfort them,” said Ellie Laks, the founder of The Gentle Barn. After a little adjusting and lots of snacks, the brothers began warming up to their human caretakers.

Henry and Horton began opening up more and more.

“We read books to them and sang them songs. It was as if their eyes went from dull to bright. After a few weeks, they started rolling over to let us rub their bellies," said Laks. Even though the brothers had new friends, they were still inseparable.

Over time the brothers began to grow stronger and healthier.

They were finally allowed to play out in the sun, but of course, they were always together. Wherever Harry went, Horton wasn't too far behind.

Soon enough it was time for the pigs' first birthdays, but something seemed to be wrong with Horton.

He was having trouble walking and his caretakers realized that because of his unnatural size, his legs couldn't carry his weight. “They both grew very, very quickly. But Horton’s size coupled with his bad conformation turned into mobility issues," said Laks.

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