Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Heart-Stopping Moment A Super-Strong 2 Year-Old Saves His Brother’s Life.

They say that leaving kids to their own devices can sometimes lead to their own demise, and those of their siblings as well, which is why you should never leave them unattended. But in some rare cases like this one, kids have a way of surprising you. Now anyone who has twins will tell you that they are mischievous and unpredictable, and you can't watch them every second of every minute. But when a little furniture climbing in the baby room caused a potential life-threatening scenario, one boy proved that there's no age requirement to becoming a hero and saving a life, especially if that life belongs to your twin.

At first it seemed like the two toddlers were goofing off in their room and looking for a way to get themselves into trouble.

After all, kids are innately curious, especially when you're a two-year-old with a twin brother. So they started opening the drawers in the dressers, but they didn't care about what was inside them.

All the twins wanted was to create a means to climb the dresser as if it were their very own climbing wall.

After climbing on the dresser drawers, the piece of furniture tipped forward from the combined weight of the boys.

There was no time to react! One of the boys ended up crushed under the dresser.

The other's leg was held by the piece of furniture but other than sheer shock, the boy on the right seemed okay and managed to pull his foot out.

The brother who was free seemed to try to lift the dresser but it wouldn't budge.

So he looked around trying to figure out how to help his twin out of this perilous predicament.

Unfortunately, his brother remained pinned down with the edge of the furniture above the his tiny neck.

So the other brother started to climb on top of the dresser, causing the balance to shift on the furniture and allowing his twin brother to slowly start climbing his way out.

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