By Leilani

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His Brother Went Missing For Decades Until A Mysterious Gift Revealed The TRUTH.

Support for the LGBTQ community has grown tremendously in recent years, but the histories —both collective and individual —linked to it are filled with pain, a kind that is not so easy to forget.

While there has been much to celebrate, the legality of same-sex marriage in the U.S. on June 26, 2015 and the positive representation of queer folks in the media for example, there is still so much to fight for. Many people are still dealing with discrimination on a daily basis, some from their own families.

Below, you'll find an incredible story told by one man, reddit user throwaway4620048486, whose gay brother had mysteriously disappeared. In three separate accounts, he details what he remembers the day his brother went "missing," his parents' betrayal, and an emotional reunion.

While discrimination is a big part of the story, love and hope are at the center of it. Please read and pass it on.

Part 1: "I think I know what happened to my brother."

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