By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

These Tourists Got CLOSE To A Grizzly… At 0:51 My Heart Was In My Mouth.

Katmai National Park in Alaska boasts having more brown bears than people living in the area. With its 2,200 bear population, it is easy to run into one or three of these large animals. A group of tourists got very close to a mama bear and her two cubs walking along the beach.

In the video, the guide can be heard telling his group to calmly move aside to give the grizzly bears space to pass by. The mom does not seem surprise by the curious humans but the two cubs definitely seem to want to stick around a bit longer.

Katmai protects the world’s largest grizzly population. Visitors are not allowed to feed the bears or interfere with their natural habitat. This creates an environment where the brown bears are not interested or afraid of humans.

Next, watch a bear take a seat next to a photographer.

Source: dahuff79