By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Artist Carefully Places Thousands Of Lights To Bring The Darkness To Life.

You've likely seen at least one large-scale light installation before, but you've probably never seen one that spans across an entire landscape. British artist Bruce Munro creates massive, immersive light installations that cover large areas, including deserts, ponds, gardens, and even inside buildings.

According to Munro, his work is inspired by his unrelenting interest in the human experience. His work feels at once both intimate and grandiose, and the images below contain a particular kind of artistic energy that we've never seen before.

His most recent project is called "Field of Light," and was installed in Uluru, Australia. After visiting the desert in the early nineties, Munro became fascinated by the heat, sun, and brightness he encountered there. This work is supposed to represent that.

“I wanted to create an illuminated field of stems that, like the dormant seed in a dry desert, would burst into bloom at dusk with gentle rhythms of light under a blazing blanket of stars” Munro says.

Munro's work spans across countryside and urban landscapes, each scene more breathtaking than the last.

Sometimes, the images of his work almost seem like something out of a fantasy novel -- real, but suspending reality just enough to make it feel like magic.

Source: Design You Trust