By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

16 Fascinating Reasons Why Brunettes Are TOTALLY Awesome.

#7. Gentlemen also prefer brunettes.

Heard of the movie "Gentleman Prefer Blondes?" Author Anita Loos wrote a follow-up called "But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes," and it was made into a film starring famous brunette Jane Russell. Though we're not that comfortable with the sexist undertones of that film title, the film is a celebration of brunette fabulousness - and we're definitely cool with that.

#8. The Mona Lisa was a brunette.

Your brown locks just might inspire someone, someday.

#9. Brunettes are well-suited for time travel.

There's a reason Doctor Who has always been played by a brunette actor.

#10. The word "brunette" derives from French.

The word brunette is French, originating from the mid 16th century; it is the feminine of brunet, and diminutive of brun 'brown'.

#11. Women prefer brunette men.

When surveyed, women of all hair colors said they preferred brunette men.

#12. Hillary Clinton might not have a chance.

In a 2005 Allure magazine survey 76% of women believe the first female President will be a brunette. However, we hope the first female leader of the free world is elected based on more than just her hair color.

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