By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Everyone Loves Popping Bubble Wrap, But These People Took It Too Far.

Most are woefully unaware of this, but today is a holiday that you're definitely going to want to take note of: It's Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, a 24-hour period where we are free to celebrate the most entertaining, distracting, and stress-relieving material that has ever been bestowed upon humankind.

Bubble wrap comes in all shapes and sizes, and people definitely have their preferences. Some prefer a smaller bubble, which creates a snappy little pop and hours of entertainment. Others prefer the larger, more bulbous wrap, which is equally fun to pop as it is to step on. Whichever type of bubble wrap tickles your fancy, you're going to want to check out this video: It shows you ways to get it poppin' that you probably never dreamed of.

Next, how to use bubble wrap for insulation.

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