By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Terminally Ill Dog Just Had A Heartwarming Bucket List Adventure.

When Todd Burchanowski adopted his adorable dog, Reye, he knew she'd immediately become his best friend. What he didn't know, unfortunately, is that their friendship would be cut short by Reye's diagnosis: Burchanowski was told that the young pup has terminal cancer, and wouldn't live very long.

Devastated, he decided that the best thing he could do for Reye was make her remaining months on earth as fun as they could possibly be. He set forth to make all of her dreams come true, drafting a list of activities the two of them could do together. It's Reye's Doggy Bucket List, and it looks like these two are having the time of their lives.

First up, a cozy little smooch on a baseball field.

Then, it was time to hit the yard and build a snowman.

Naturally, the pair had to wear matching Christmas sweaters.

Then came town to hit the town, riding with the top down.

The pup made its first visit to Niagara Falls.

And even got treated to a meal from McDonald's.

A beautiful sunset was taken in.

Followed by a frosty brew.

The pup got the chance to meet a friendly cow.,

And then go on a total shopping spree.

Burchanowski posted on Facebook, asking friends and families to give suggestions for Reye's bucket list. "As heartbroken as it makes me feel," he wrote, "I know I have some great friends and family to help us through this time."

Source: Metro