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By Krista Miranda

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Terminally Ill Dog Gets A Bucket List To Live Out The Rest Of His Life.

There's no denying that pet owners have a very special relationship with their beloved furbabies. Pet owners, well, at least the good ones, will do just about anything to make sure that their animals are happy and healthy at all times. Unfortunately, like humans, furbabies can get really sick. This pet owner received the worst news possible about the animal she loved most, but instead of crying until he passed, she decided to do something to make the rest of his life as beautiful as possible.

It was 2012, and a woman named Cynthia from Burlington, Vermont, took a major step in the responsibility department.

She decided it was time to expand her family. She figured that the best way to do that was by bringing an adorable pup into the mix. His name was Finn. He was only a few weeks old, and Cynthia fell in love with him immediately.

Cynthia and Finn were inseparable from the very beginning of their relationship.

They were the best of friends, and Finn became her rock when her father passed away due to cancer. Cynthia knew that she couldn't have picked a better dog, and if he could talk, Finn would say the same thing about Cynthia.

Soon enough, Cynthia fell in love with a man named Robert.

It wasn't long before Robert was a part of the family and Finn was leading the way on family adventures. But after a while, Robert and Cynthia realized that it was time for Finn to have a little brother or sister.

This family of three grew to four when they adopted a beautiful pup they named Yogi.

Finn and Yogi instantly became best friends. Everything was going perfect for the little family, but they would soon find out that heartbreak was around the corner.

After a visit to the vet, Cynthia and Robert received some devastating news about their beloved pup Finn.

Finn was only six years old, but he was diagnosed with lymph node cancer. Sadly, the cancer was terminal. Cynthia and Robert were crushed, but they knew that they had to make the rest of Finn's life as beautiful as possible.

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