By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Bully Cat Stuffs His Friend In A Box, The ‘Translation’ Will Have You In Stitches.

We all had that one bully that made our school days a living hell. Whether they were trying to trip you, telling the teacher that you farted, or whispering into your crush's ear that you smelled bad, bullies are just the worst. Unfortunately, this kind of childish bullying is a normal part of life, and eventually, most of them grow out of it.

Apparently, this isn't just true for humans. Cats can be huge bullies as well, as evidenced by this situation where one cat decides to play a prank on the other - and then other cats just sit around and watch. In other words, this is the cat equivalent of being shoved in a locker. Poor kitty.

Next, an eager dog wants the last tator tot. You have to hear the hilarious translation.

Source: Chris Cohen