By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Mum-To-Be Created A Pregnancy Time-Lapse Video That Will Unleash Your Inner Awwww.

A woman documents her pregnancy by taking a photograph of herself everyday for the nine months of gestation. She wears the same black leggings and black top while blowing a red balloon.

No explanation or subtitles are used to describe the changes the mom-to-be is going thru. The photos tell the whole story.

As her belly expands, the shirts length is shorten by the growing bump exposing her belly more on each take. Her balloon decreases in size alluring that her belly is taking all the oxygen the balloon is losing.

While the song “Let is Snow” is sung by Danielle Celeste, the video has the mommy turn her back to the camera. She rounds back with her holding a beautiful baby girl.

There are many ways to chronicle the miracle of life growing. This video is simple and yet absolutely beautiful.

Not sure which prop was the best, the shirt or the balloon.