By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

These Baby Bunnies In Cups Will Overwhelm You With Cuteness.

It’s official: bunnies are the cutest critters around. You may disagree and nominate other species as being more adorable but then you may have not seen the four bunnies in a cup video. YouTube user ekdikisis uploaded a clip where the tiny, fluffy quartet are literally hanging out in glasses.

The cotton ball on the far left is fully awake while the remaining three are between a full-on siesta and waking up from one. You may want to keep your eye on the second bunny from the right though. The mischievous rabbit keeps poking its head out and is either trying to wake the other two sleepy rabbits or maybe just wants a cuddle.

The user does provide a disclaimer; the bunnies were not harmed nor in distress in the glass cups. Nonetheless, it is not recommended to try this at home with your own pets.

Next, newborn bunny's photoshoot.

Source: ekdikisis