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Dad Who Trolled His Daughter’s Seflies Now Has TWICE As Many Followers As Her.

Chris “Burr” Martin is a comedian and more importantly a dad from Spokane, Washington. One day recently while on his Instagram account he noticed some of the selfies that his 19-year-old daughter Cassie was posting. It wasn’t so much what she was posting that bothered him, it was more the comments that she was getting for the pics that got to him. So he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Rather than get upset at his daughter, he decided to recreate her photos, right down to the makeup and clothing. He then posted them to his account and the reaction wasn’t what he was expecting at all. First of all, his number of followers went from just a few all the way up to more than 16,000. Secondly, instead of getting mad at him, Cassie thought it was quite funny, as did a lot of her followers. But most importantly the comments that Chris was concerned about stopped coming, and that was his main goal. After all, who is going to leave a crude or sexually suggestive comment on a photo when her dad has recreated the photo and posted it on her account?

His plan worked out perfectly and he gained a whole bunch of new fans at the same time. It was a win win for everyone involved!

If you were going to comment on this pic, would you think twice after seeing her dad wearing the same thing?

It definitely takes away from her pic doesn't it!

This dad recreated his 19 year old daughters selfies and posted them to his Instagram account.

He quite obviously went to a lot of trouble to recreate the photos.

He didn't like some of the comments she was getting on her account so he tried this to quash some of them. It worked.

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