By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Found Some Old Volkswagen Parts, What He Did With Them… WOW.

Most parents would do just about anything to make sure that their child has an amazing birthday, but few people could come up with an idea that's as creative as this - and execute it so beautifully.

This dedicated parent got the idea for his daughter's birthday present, and after that, he worked tirelessly to complete it. The entire project cost less than $100, and the results look insanely professional and totally awesome. See the awesome birthday bed DIY below.

For his daughter's 6th birthday, he decided to make her something really special: A bed modeled after an old VW bus. To begin, he slowly found all of these old Beetle parts on Craigslist.

He also used a metal bed frame, keeping the VW parts somewhat movable - just in case his daughter decided she wanted a change later on.

Here, he dremeled out the legs to make them taller - just like a real bus would be.

The frame was held solidly in place with 2x4s.

Here, he's starting to build out the frame, and you can begin to see the shape of the VW bus.

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