By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

These Brutal (Beautiful) Russian Bus Stops Are Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen.

Christopher Herwig made a discovery when he was biking from London, England to St. Petersburg, Russia in 2002. The photographer saw that bus stops in the former Soviet Union were not the standard rectangular shelters we are accustomed in North America. Their bus shelters are stunning art structures.

Built during the years of the Iron Curtain, the public art displays can be found in Russia and its former satellite countries like Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, and Kazakhstan, among others. Many of the bus stops along the roadsides have been abandoned. Herwig has taken hundreds and hundred of photos with the hope to preserve these structures he has captured in the 13 countries he has visited. His obsession has turned into a book called, Soviet Bus Stops, it will be released this fall.

The Canadian photographer has returned many times to Europe to photograph the abandoned bus stops.

Pitsunda, Abkhazia.

This shelter is designed after a traditional hat worn in Kyrgyzstan.

The structures are everywhere, in urban cities as well as remote areas.

Sochi, Russia.

Viljandimaa, Estonia.

Herwig's discovery turned into an obsession. The shutterbug wanted to photograph every Soviet bus shelter.

The bus stops were not meant to be practical. They were works of art.

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