By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

They Were Ashamed Of Their Unusual Hair, But Now They’re Famous For It.

"I didn’t have any creative freedom or creative control, so I quit modelling and decided to grow my hair natural again," following that decision, she starting her blog site. "It was a great feeling to recognize this is what I was meant to do after all those years struggling and being unhappy in the work I was doing."

TK Wonder wants to make it clear, they are not against nor do they judge women who wear their hair in weaves.

"Natural hair was about being yourself. There’s nothing wrong about a woman who wears a weave," TK Wonder reveals. "I really don’t care what a woman chooses to do with her hair, but I think it came to a point where it was derogatory toward people who wore their hair natural, and there was a certain stigma around people who wore their hair natural or in an afro."

For them, their mission was straightforward "It was about breaking down stereotypes and derogatory perceptions that people had about natural hair," TK Wonder explains.

TK Wonder has been growing her hair out longer, she's been at it for the last 14 years.

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