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By Huong Ngo

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30 Black And Grey Tattoo Ideas To Prove Color Is Unnecessary.

Once a person has made the decision of getting a tattoo, they usually have to start planning other factors like how much they're willing to spend, who is going to be their tattoo artist, and what exactly they're going to get tattooed onto their body. Deciding what the tattoo will also consist of deciding the size, the placement, and the color.

Colored tattoos are very popular as they are vibrant on the skin and help achieve a more finished looking tattoo. Although colors can be very beautiful (in any art piece for that matter), there's a certain eloquence and simplicity that is only found in black and white or in this case black and grey. Without color, lines and details are more prominent and give the tattoo a different style. A type of style that is so appealing, some people leave it as is.

#1. The seed of an idea.

#2. Sun and moon.

#3. Children inside adults.

#4. R2-D2 from Star Wars.

#5. Victorian flowers.

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