By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

He Found An Old Cabin In The Woods, When He Peeked Inside… WOAH.

A Vintage Typewriter

They also found lanterns scattered about the space, a small stove, and a vintage Royal typewriter. If you think about it, the location is ideal for writers and artists.

A Personal Library

On one shelf, they found a small but interesting library, which included a dictionary, a book on medicinal plants, and a copy of Catch Me If You Can.

Simple Forms of Entertainment

The cabin was sparsely decorated, but whoever lived there did enjoy some forms of entertainment, as indicated by this stack of cassettes. We still don't know who this person is, but they've got excellent taste in music.

A List of Tasks, Half Finished

According to this list titled 'Things To Do and Get,' someone has lived here since at least 2011. Despite being in a remote area, they kept themselves busy and managed to build out the space without anyone stopping or tracking them down.

A Notice to the Inhabitant

Most curious was a sheet of paper titled 'Different Everywhere.' Here's the text in full:

"It’s an old story and a long one, that every community creates its own outlaws. Those individuals who, willingly or not, have not abided by the laws of the gods or the authorities have always been banished. The difference that was burnt at the stake by the Holy Inquisition is today constrained between the lines of traveling papers or an expulsion order, when not enclosed in an asylum or a prison. In contempt for those who would like to expel us or chain us up due to one of those descriptions ('armed band', 'criminal association') on which unanimous preventative condemnation comes down, we will carry our difference everywhere as individuals determined to subvert the rules of the community."

The team left behind a notice, which specified a deadline for the dweller to move out.

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