By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Took 1,200 Café Chairs And Turned Them Into A Gravity Defying Sculpture.

Baptist Debombourg in Nantes, France was already a gorgeous public square, but now it's been transformed into a winding, space-age spectacle - and all with the help of over 1,200 cafe chairs.

The installation is part of the Le Voyage a Nantes exhibit, and it's inspiration comes from the deeply influential presence of cafes and restaurants in the city enter. The piece is static, but it's still a definite eye catcher - it's basically like an enormous roller coaster of chairs, right in the heart of town. See the photos from the installation below.

As you can see, the surrounding architecture here is already quite gorgeous.

The new installation brings a lighthearted touch to the environment.

It's incredible how many chairs were used to put this together, all cascading onto one another in perfect harmony.

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