By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

18 Special Occasions That Were Ruined In The Most Hilarious Way Possible.

Cakes are a delicious indulgence for everyone, big and small. Any birthday or anniversary with cake involved, I secretly hope it’s my favourite type red velvet.

Perhaps the biggest reason cakes are so popular is because they serve as delicious recognition. However, baking a cake from scratch is an art and can sometimes feel like higher education is involved in creating that masterpiece.

For most of us, we rely on the pros at the bakery or the grocery store to help realize our vision. On that note you can also understand how one’s heart can be broken when the finished product is not what we had envisioned. Even the experts can have an off-day.

Sometimes for those brave enough to bake a cake at home, our best effort fails. We can only hope these cakes taste better than how they look.

The following compilation is the best of the worst.






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