By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

60 Of The Most Creative Cakes Ever… But #48 Took Things TOO Far.

When we were growing up, cake design was not a thing. Boys got blue cakes, girls got pink cakes with a favourite character and candles on top. Today, cakes have taken a life of their own; an art form and medium for the über talented pastry chefs.

It is no longer about getting the perfect mix of flour, eggs, sugar, and other ingredients to bake the perfect dessert. Now the baker and artist blend into one to make these surreal creations. Whether it’s recreating the world of Alice in Wonderland or paying homage to the birthday person, there is no limit to what can be made. Take a look at the best, too good to eat cakes.

#1. For the Starbucks lover!

For the Starbucks lover!

#2. Sandwich heaven.

Sandwich heaven.

#3. Comfy furniture.

Comfy furniture.

#4. A poisonous dessert.

A poisonous dessert.

#5. A Cheshire cat birthday.

A Cheshire cat birthday.

#6. Compromising treats.

Compromising treats.

#7. In the brink of extinction.

In the brink of extinction.

#8. Sweet playtime.

Sweet playtime.

#9. Pokemon power!

Pokemon power!

#10. For the artist.

For the artist.

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