By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

They're Using A New Method To Help Rescue Animals... HINT: It's Not Crying Your Eyes Out.

As much as we love seeing the heartwarming rescue videos dedicated to getting animals adopted, there's also room for a new approach. The Calgary Humane Society has got one, and it's basically the most epic thing we've ever seen.

Instead of bringing a tear to your eye, the purpose of this video is to get you pumped-up and ready to adopt. Here's a bit of their YouTube description:

We've got bouncy castles, cotton candy treats, frozen drinks, crafts, face paint, balloons AND adorable adoptables - spin the wheel of deals to see what your reduced adoption price will be! Not in the market for a new fur baby? That's OK! come down to our CAT-TASTIC PAWTY this Saturday, August 22 for some free family's going to be a CAT of a time!

Does the tone sound familiar? Check out the video below and get ready to come on down!

Hey, it works for cars. Why not cats?

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Source: Calgary Humane Society