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Some Guy Renamed Our Favorite Junk Food With Calories, And It Hurts Our Eyes.

When it comes to nutritional value, we shouldn't get into the habit of calorie counting. In the end, it's really about balance, eating clean, and portion control.

On the same token, if you are going to eat processed foods, you should know the facts — and you can usually get them by simply turning the package over and doing some research.

But what if the facts were front and center?

Calorie Brands takes some of America's most popular foods and snacks, and renames them with the number of calories they contain. The results? It makes a world of difference.

One Instagram user wrote in response, "Hahaha I don't wanna know! Ignorance is bliss."

Many Americans suffer from heart disease, stroke, and diabetes every year, some ending in fatality, and this could be changed with the way we eat. A healthy lifestyle and diet can help reduce the risk of these problems.

These food ads redefine "YOLO (You only live once)" as a reminder to take care of ourselves while we can.

Find other ways to get that extra boost. Jumping jacks, a lap around the block, or even juice can help do the trick.

It might be cheaper to buy a pint, but the best way to resist the temptation of finishing it, you should just stop at the ice cream shop.

Taste the rainbow, don't devour it.

Oreo? More like Ore-No!

Looking for a snack? Compared to this bag of potato chips, a banana is about 105 calories (and has a lot more to offer).

Pizza is my life too, but if you don't share the pie, it'll take forever to burn these numbers off.

Pringles may look harmless, but they're 1320 calories of trickery.

Addicted to Coke? If you don't want empty calories, slowly transition to ice cold water.

You don't have to give them up. Just order a smaller size.

Looking for something to add to your morning toast? Try some homemade jam instead.

Just because you're "hangry" doesn't mean you should grab a Snickers.

Don't be fooled by the "pure" appearance of vodka.

The calorie count isn't enough to tell you how bad Cup Noodles are for you.

Deep-fried glutton. Limit your portions and replace your carb-loaded side order with some fresh greens.

To compare, a plain coffee is about 2 calories.

Source: Calorie Brands

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