By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Camels Are Getting Cool Haircuts, And They’re Disturbingly Fashionable.

Central Asia's largest cattle market is located in Pakistan, and one corner of the market is dedicated exclusively to camels. There are over 500 camels in the market at any given time, with buyers and sellers coming from all over to make a deal on the animals.

In a market that saturated, you have to be able to make your product stand out. That's why some traders are focusing on making the camels unique, and they do so with providing them with intricate haircuts.

“Buyers prefer to look for the most beautiful ones,” said Naeem, a trader and owner of camels, in an interview. “We sought the services of camel barbers like Ali Hassan to give the animals a 'makeover' to appease buyers and onlookers.”

Camels are brought by the hundreds to this market, collected for sale and trade.

Some buyers prefer to purchase the strongest camels, while others want an animal that looks good.

With hundreds of camels in the market at any given time, there has to be a way to make the animal stand apart from the rest.

Thus, the idea of a camel haircut was born.

Not all of the camels are treated to a haircut, but the ones who are get special attention by Ali Hassan. Hassan is a farmer who specializes in cutting camel hair.

Hassan visits the market every year in the hopes to make money from his unique work.

His designs are absolutely incredible.

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