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By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Camping Hacks That Would Make MacGyver Jealous.

Summer nights are upon us and that means one thing: camping season is here!

Of course technically speaking, people can camp all year round but camping in the freezing cold isn't always desired. With that said, we know camping can get tricky with the limited of resources you can have. And when we say camping, we're not talking about cabins or anywhere that provides an outlet for you to plug in anything electronic. We're talking about the real camping in tents and no toilets.

It doesn't sound that great but there's just something about being with nature and secluded from the world that always feels so refreshing. But like we said, camping can be tricky and result in a horrible experience if you're not prepared.

So here we've compiled a list of handy camping hacks that'll help make any camper's life a little easier.

#1. Wrap your meat in cabbage.

This will help stop the meat from burning when cooking it!

#2. If you plan on bringing matches, glue sandpaper to the the top of your match holder.

This way, you can strike a fire wherever you are.

#3. Create a mini first-aid kit.

Just put all the first-aid supplies you need into an old prescription bottle you no longer use or an Altoids tin.

Create a mini first-aid kit.

#4. Put foam floor tiles on the floor of your tent.

This will make it way more comfortable and super soft.

#5. Freeze gallon jugs of water.

Put them into your cooler to keep your food cold and to have nice cold water to drink later.

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