By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

18 Simple Camping Hacks That You Need To Know About, #12 Is Pure Genius.

Camping is a great time, but it's hard to remember to pack all the essentials and stay organized in the great outdoors. In order to improve your camping experience, why not try some of these amazing camp-hacks? From easy lighting solutions to delicious camping meal ideas, we've got you covered. Warning: If you happen to find yourself within close proximity to a bear on your camping trip, there is absolutely nothing on this list that can help you - perhaps try offering it an orange peel cinnamon roll?

#1. Know your poisons.

Learning to differentiate poisonous plants will spare you a lot of grief - and a body full of itchy hives - while camping.

#2. Do some easy cinnamon rolls.

You're obviously not going to bring a ton of cookware with you on a camping trip. Instead of a pan, use orange peels to cook your pre-made cinnamon rolls. The shape of the peel helps the roll maintain its shape.

#3. Get creative with your light sources.

Point a head lamp at a gallon jug of water to fill your entire tent with awesome light. You can do this with multiple lamps & jugs to light your outdoor area as well.

#4. Use Doritos or Fritos to start a campfire.

They make excellent kindling.

#5. Use waterproof matches.

Here's how:

1.Dip the head end of the match into clear nail polish far enough to cover at least an eighth of an inch below the head.

2. Hold the match for a few seconds to allow the polish to dry.

If it rains, your matches won't get destroyed.

#6. Make a DIY grill.

A tin can makes an easy grill. All you have to do is cut the can into strips, line it with foil, add charcoal, and start grilling.

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