By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

‘100 Years Of Canadian Beauty’ Is A Hilarious Take On Fashion History.

The "100 Years of Beauty" series has featured women from countries like Japan, Russia, and Mexico. Their evolutions have been breathtaking every time. There is one country, however, that has yet to be acknowledged in the lineup; Canada.

This friendly neighbour does not lack gorgeous looking women, there is a very logical reason why no one has noticed it though. The Canadian comedy show This Hour Has 22 Minutes has released a spoof video featuring cast member Susan Kent highlighting the country’s beauty timeline. Beginning in the 1900’s to present day, it becomes clear that the Canucks’ good looks are hidden underneath toques, scarves, and bulky jackets.

Regardless of the hairdo, makeup or clothing trends at the time, it all has to be bundled up in layers of warm, winter wear in order to survive the elements. And nothing is more Canadian than winter, eh?

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Source: CBC Punchline