By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Couple Cancelled Their Dream Wedding. The Reason Why Touched My Heart.

Samantha Jackson and her Farzin Yousefian were in high-gear with their wedding preparations a few months ago, when a disturbing photo caused them to change their course of action entirely.

In September, a photo of a drowned Syrian refugee child went viral. When the couple saw the photos, they shocked their family and friends by announcing that they would cancel their lavish wedding and reroute the money and gifts towards aiding refugees.

It was an amazingly selfless act, and it invoked a powerful reaction: The venue and vendors offered full refunds (when they wouldn't normally do so), and that combined with family and friend donations meant that the pair raised over $17,500 for the cause. It's not every day that you see this kind of goodwill and charity, and this couple's story is truly inspiring. See more in the video below.

Instead of the wedding they originally intended, the couple got hitched at city hall, and had an almost cost-free reception at a local bar. This story proves that love and selflessness never go unnoticed, and we hope this couple has the long and happy life together that they deserve.

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Source: CBC News