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By Camila Villafañe

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11 Ways Dogs Say ‘I Love You’ That Most Dog Owners Totally Miss.

‘If you need a hand, you’ll find a paw’, such is the loyalty and admiration of the canine that befriends you in its lifetime. It is said that dogs are the only creatures on this Earth that tend to adore its owner more than itself. They pour out their unconditional love regardless of who we are. Since our pets are a part of our family, we are often curious to know if these ‘balls of fur’ love us just as much or even more.

Scientific research shows that they do. However, it is not always necessary and feasible to get an MRI done to uncover this! These four-legged creatures leave signs and cues, which we can pick up and interpret as their fondness for us. Animals have diverse ways of communication, which implies that they display affection in a slightly different manner.

Cuddling right after eating is adorable!

Canine loves food and if they're willing to cuddle with you right after eating, guard that little hoomin lova (human lover) with your life! In his book, "How Dogs Love Us," Gregory Berns says that you are the next most important thing to them besides eating.

They're sad when you leave for work or elsewhere.

If your dog just is anxious and sad when you leave, it loves you too much. Even if it watches you go silently, it waits restlessly for you to come back home.

Eye hugs and kisses are the first signs you know your dog loves you.

Sometimes they stare directly into your eyes. Some like to blink very slowly while looking at you as a sign that they want to cuddle with you. On the other hand, some like to stare right into our eyes for a few seconds before looking away, repeating the same step a lot of times.

Blow a kiss, fire a gun we need someone to lean on!

Your dog leaning on you is a symbol of love and wanting more attention.

There’s no bad day when you come home to a loving dog who is excited to see you.

Waiting eagerly, jumping on you, wagging its tail to the right, and licking your face, hands or feet (basically anything that can be reached easily) with excitement when you come home after a few hours is in itself reassurance enough of its admiration.

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