By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

It’s Spa Time For The World’s Biggest Rodents, When You See The Photos You’ll SQUEE.

Well, the Japanese capybaras are up to their old tricks, and as usual, we are loving every second of it.

Each year, the capybaras at the Izu Shaboten Park in Japan get to enjoy a lovely hot spring soak, and the event is big enough to bring tourists to the park to watch them get their bath on. It's not hard to see why: Watching these funny animals soaking in a hot tub is simply delightful, and you can tell that they are really enjoying themselves.

This year, the hot baths will open for public view on November 21, but we're lucky enough to have a sneak peek. Check out these maximally relaxed giant rodents below.

The capybara hot bath is a super popular attraction at this park, which is located off the Pacific Coast of Japan.

From November 21-April 6 of next year, the capybaras will be spending an hour a day soaking in the baths.

They also get special baths, prepared with hot spring water and infused with herbs, flowers, and fruits.

Talk about living in the lap of luxury.

They’ll also get to enjoy a yuzu citrus bath from December 19, 2015 to January 5, 2016, which is in line with the Japanese tradition of placing yuzu fruit in bath water during winter solstice.

They'll also get some Christmas goodies on during the holidays, as well as some heart shaped apples for Valentine's Day.

Basically, the lives of these capybaras over the next few months are going to be exponentially more luxurious than yours.

See them in all their lush, hot-bath-soaking glory in the video below.

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