By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

He Found A Hard-Hitting Note On His Car, But His Response Left Her In Tears.

It can be really hard somedays to contain your anger. Specially when everything seems to be going wrong, all it takes is for one thing to just make your day that much harder. One woman who was already having a hard time had the unfortunate experience of having someone park in her spot the whole night.

Her only resolution was to simply go to the street and park there. Unfortunately, that requires a permit as well. So she just hoped for the best and left her car there overnight but the next morning she received a parking ticket.

It would have been very easy and justified for her to leave a note swearing and insulting the stranger who got her ticketed because he was either careless and did not read the private parking sign or just didn’t care. Instead, she took a different approach.

The woman explained her situation. His actions negatively affected her, she received a ticket. This is frustrating to begin with but as she noted she is "broke" making the situation that much harder to deal with. Everyone knows that when money is tight, the last thing one needs is unnecessary expenses.

The man did the only thing he knew to do to repair his mistake. He wrote her a note back apologizing for his mistake. To make amends he left the woman $100 to pay the ticket off. There are still great people out there doing the right thing.

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Source: True Activist