By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Eco-Friendly Caravan Lets You Live Off-Grid Literally ANYWHERE.

The future of homes may lie between being environmentally friendly while having the freedom to be mobile. Wohnwagon is an Austrian company that has taken trailer homes as their inspiration to design and create luxury living on wheels. Additionally, the small house is made from sustainable materials.

Every detail is covered: the exterior is made from larch wood, the interior’s insulation is composed of wood fiber, clay, and sheep wool. To further the goal to be eco-friendly, the roof has four solar panels that stores energy in a battery system underneath the floor.

The loft inspired living space is also flexible enough to allow for customized interior layouts. Each mobile home retails between $45,000 to $110,000. With a price tag this low, you can now live in an ultra-chic home with still some cash left in your pocket to entertain in your new digs.

Austrian mobile homebuilder Wohnwagon is putting a new spin on mobile living.

The living quarters are deceptively roomy. Every square inch is utilized to balance function with a minimalist design.

Each unit is completely self-sufficient, encased in an elegant and sophisticated shell.

Pullouts throughout the home offer extra seating space as well as areas for storage.

There is an abundance of natural light made possible by triple-glazed windows.

Four roof-mounted solar panels deliver 1.2 kW of power. Surplus energy is stored in a 6 kW battery underneath the floor.

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