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By Camila Villafañe

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This Tiny House Is Made Of 24 Layers Of Cardboard.

What if you could build your house for a day, but you'd have to use material made up mostly of cardboard? Would you still live in it? Don't worry, because this isn't the typical cardboard material you'd expect to find in a dumpster in the back of a shopping mall or supermarket. The cardboard is a lot sturdier than you can imagine, but it's still easy enough that you can build this cozy little home in 24 hours. It sounds like sheer fiction, but it's real and what's even better is that this dwelling is also adaptable for pretty much anyone's needs.

Imagine if this was your nice little home away from home in the middle of the woods.

Can you see yourself relaxing in there? Well, what if we were to tell you that the home is made of 24 layers of cardboard? You're probably shaking your head and going, "no way!"

It looks like a giant bread loaf, but it can definitely keep you and a friend comfy.

The Wikkelhouse was designed by Fiction Factory, a theater scenery company, who decided to move on to better things like the construction of this small home.

If the house appears to be sturdy, it's because it really is.

This home won't fall apart in the middle of a rainstorm. It actually has a house-shaped mold frame, and that frame has 24 layers of cardboard wrapped around it. It's a very green idea when you think about it.

There are no clones of this Wikkelhouse, which is great for anyone who wants one.

Each home has a different design, which can vary in all sorts of ways from particular features to the size of the structure.

Just try to imagine yourself waking up to this wonderful view.

Opening the glass doors and allowing the fresh air to come in will make you feel like you're in the afterlife. The beauty of this design puts any tent to shame, and even those who don't like camping will change their tune with the Wikkelhouse.

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