Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

Parents Recreate Famous Movies With Cardboard Boxes And A Photogenic Baby.

#6. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

All that's missing from this scene is the big boulder rock in the background.

#7. The Revenant

Oh no, watch out for that bear behind you! Actually, there's a 99% chance you'll survive from an attack from this one.

#8. Game of Thrones

The new Prince Joffrey! Hopefully this prince doesn't die from poison as well.

#9. The Lion King

Ahhhhhh-sarenyaaaaaa-ataleaseahkabah... I'm sure you know where I was going with that.

#10. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Not sure how much I trust this young of a pilot. Does he even have his flying license?

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