By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Thrifty Artist Created An Entire Studio Out Of Something You Simply Won’t Believe.

It looks like something out of your favorite childhood storybook, but this cardboard workshop is entirely real and actually belongs to an incredibly creative artist.

Tom Burckhardt created this clubhouse made entirely of cardboard using only a few materials, and the finished result is spectacular. The clubhouse is a complete structure, with a roof, floor, and workstations, and the effect created by the cardboard is simply awesome. The installation has been touring art museums since 2005, but you can see it for yourself below.

Everything in Burckhardt's installation is made entirely of cardboard.

The cardboard was cut, assembled with hot glue, and drawn on with black paint.

Burckhardt wants viewers to pick up on information about the imaginary – a struggling artist who "inhabits" the studio.

At the center of it all is a blank canvas, a dose of irony that makes a comment on the artist not being able to create.

The small details of the cardboard clubhouse are what makes it so amazing.

Even the tools are made of cardboard, and totally impressive.

“This walk-through environment is full of the clutter and paraphernalia of the modern painter, toiling in romantic obscurity,” Burckhardt said in an interview.

All artist intent aside, the work that Burckhardt has done it truly remarkable.

Source: My Modern Met