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Man Captures Essence Of Innocence In Absolutely Stunning Photos Of Children.

In 1992, Gregory Smith decided to sell all of his earthly possessions, including his home and successful business, and leave his normal, secure life in Norway to invest all of his energy and time into the CARF- Children At Risk Foundation in São Paulo, Brazil. It’s mission is to defend the rights of abandoned street children and other children at risk, offering them a dignified and definitive solution so that they may live and grow within a family-oriented context and healthy social environment. In the years to come their main objective will be to help children and adolescents in urban high-risk areas dominated by poverty and social problems.

If you would like to learn more about how you can help or donate, go to The Children At Risk Foundation - Kolibri CARF.

The photographs below are some of the beautiful children taking part in the activities at CARF.

Guarani Mbyá children sing traditional indigenous songs during exchange activities at the Coexistence Center.

The Guarani children have the opportunity to sit together with their young apprentice arts teacher, Wadson Silva.

Gregory J. Smith

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