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After Trying To Sabotage The Relationship, Wheelchair Bound Woman Finds True Love.

Carli Hamilton had just about given up on the possibility of finding true love. After all, she wasn’t like most other women. She was born with a condition called spinal muscular atrophy, which left her bound to a wheelchair. She wasn’t entirely sure what kind of life she would have as she got older. But eventually, she learned that accepting her condition and loving herself were two very important things. It was too bad that she didn’t feel the same way when it came to finding love with someone else. She simply wasn’t convinced that there was a nice guy out there who would be kind enough to look after her. Then she met Jared Hamilton, who helped cast all of her doubts aside.

Carli Lynne Hamilton / Facebook

“I was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. My parents were told that I

wouldn’t live to see my fifth birthday. The doctors were constantly

putting an expiration date on my life. I grew up not knowing how much

longer I had or what quality of life I would have. Although my future

was unknown, I wanted to make sure I lived my life to the absolute

fullest. I was always known as ‘the girl in a wheelchair’ and when I

was younger I hated it. As I got older, it set me apart from the rest

of the crowd. I learned how to love myself and love my wheelchair. I

learned to love the attention it gave me, although I still got the

negative attention of being in a wheelchair. I would date, and guys

would tell me they couldn’t see a future with me because, the fact of

the matter is, my disability is life threatening. I don’t know if I

can have children, how long I will live, or what my quality of life

will be in 5+ years. And although I had learned how to deal with the

unknown, guys didn’t know how to deal with that."

Carli Lynne Hamilton / Facebook

"I had given up on dating. I had accepted the fact that this ‘girl in

a wheelchair’ would forever be single. I graduated college my best

friend and I moved to California. We had only been there a few weeks

and we attended a new church, and right after church ended, this guy

came up to me and immediately started talking to me. He asked me

questions like, ‘Are you new? Where are you from?,’ and other normal

things. I kept waiting for the infamous, ‘So why are you in a

wheelchair?,’ but it never came. I can honestly tell you that he was

the first guy to ever come up to me, hit on me, and NOT ask why I was

in a wheelchair. You see, another statement I have heard far too many

times in my life is, ‘You’re too pretty to be in a wheelchair.’ As if

being in a wheelchair had a certain look or something. But like I

said, this guy never asked or said anything about me being in a

wheelchair. In fact, he didn’t even seem to notice."

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"I wish I could say that after that moment it was love at first sight,

but it didn’t quit start that way, at least not for both of us. This

guy gave me his name and number and we went our separate ways. I

couldn’t remember what his name was, so my friend and I nicknamed him

Pineapple because of his long hair plopped right on top of his head."

Ariele Chapman Photography

"We texted back and forth a little bit and I could tell he really

liked me, but I had given up on dating so I was NOT interested. I

would take days, maybe even a week, to even reply to his text

messages. He would ask me on dates and I would always find a way to

get out of it. You could say I was self-sabotaging. I think that I was

so afraid of another guy telling me that they couldn’t see a future

with me because of my chair, that I was not even going to put myself

in that position anymore. It wasn’t until 3 months after we met that I

finally let him take me on a date. But even after that, I was not

convinced he wouldn’t go running the second he realized that a life

with me would mean putting my pants on every day, or helping me


Ariele Chapman Photography

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