By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Come On Boston! The Azerbaijanis Just Raised The Stakes On Winter Craziness.

Sledding, skiing, snowboarding, luging, and even tobogganing - winter is a great time for a large amount of high-speed, downward-facing sports.

These people in Azerbaijan totally get that - but you may be surprised to see their vessel of choice. Check out the video below!

That's right, it's an entire competition dedicated to carpet sledding. 22 teams competed in this Red Bull-sponsored event. The teams were not only tasked with building a carpet that could safely make it down the hill as smoothly as possible, but also make the contraption as creative as possible.

The contestants were awarded prizes for Best Jump, Creativity, and Audience Reaction. The best part? Each carpet descent ended with the teams getting dumped into an icy cold pool of water. It's an amazingly entertaining thing to watch - even if there's no way you'd ever participate!

Source: Red Bull