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Woman Finds Her Grandmother's Long-Lost Wedding Ring Wrapped Around Carrot.

A wedding ring is an age-old symbol of marriage. The shape of a ring, a circle, represents infinity. Just like the love between two people, it's never ending. When someone is given a wedding ring they're expected to wear it every day for the rest of their lives. When they look down at it, it reminds them of the commitment they made to the love of their life. Unfortunately, sometimes rings get lost. When this happens, it's absolutely heartbreaking. Especially when the ring doesn't make a reappearance. In this unbelievable story, a woman finds a surprise while digging in her garden.

A woman named Colleen Daley recently bought her grandmother's property.

She wanted a garden and immediately began planting it. After a long wait, it was time to harvest. While digging in the earth, she pulled up a carrot.

A woman named Colleen Daley recently bought her grandmother's property.

At first it seemed like an ordinary carrot, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The carrot looked a bit deformed at first glance. When examined a little closer, Colleen noticed that the reason the carrot was deformed was a shiny one. Wrapped around the carrot was a ring!

Colleen immediately knew that it was her grandmother's, who had lost the ring over thirteen years ago!

The ring was returned to Colleen's 84-year-old grandmother, Mary Grams, who was ecstatic to have her original wedding ring back.

Losing something can be absolutely devastating. Especially, when it's a symbol of love between two people. We're so glad Mary Grams got her ring back.

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Source: BBC