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25 Cartoon Tattoos That Every ‘90s Kid Will Love.

Cartoon tattoos are never something that should be taken too seriously. It's more of something that brings out the comical side of the owners of the tattoo or shows that they're still a kid at heart.

Some people believe that cartoons are only for kids and that adults grow out of them as they get older. This is wrong. Although this may not apply to everyone, there are many individuals out there who love and appreciate cartoons even in their adulthood. Whether it's a love for the old cartoons they used to watch as a child or the new cartoons that are out today, animated characters are a part of an entertainment that people of all ages can enjoy!

So if you're someone who still very much loves their retro cartoons, Disney cartoons, Japanese anime cartoons, anything animated -- you'll surely enjoy these tattoos that were dedicated to just that.

#1. Homer Simpson and Ned Flanders

A badass Japanese style tattoo of Samurai Homer Simpson fighting a demon Ned Flanders while holding a beheaded Marge.

Homer Simpson and Ned Flanders

Gooney Toons

#2. Popeye

What better way to illustrate Popeye than with an optical effect making it look like Popeye's famous arm punch is your arm.


Alina Fokina

#3. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck

What's cooler than your favorite Disney characters interpreted as villains. Here we have Mickey Mouse and the Joker and Donald Duck as Freddy Krueger.

Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck

Bartek Kos

#4. Beevis and Butthead

Everyone's favorite on-screen pair of friends showing their love for each other while wearing their favorite band tees.

#5. Daria

A straightforward illustration of Daria with the appropriate adjective "misunderstood" underneath her in a banner. The perfect tattoo for an apathetic person.


Kim Graziano

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