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She Refused An Opportunity To Be ‘Normal’… And Now She’s Proud Of Her Uniqueness.

Cassandra Naud's parents could have removed her birthmark when she was born, but they decided that it was took risky. When Cassandra herself was faced with the decision removing the mark years later, she wasn't sure what to do at first: Though she was bullied for her appearance and felt bad about the way she looked, was it really worth changing, simply so other people would see her differently?

In the end, Naud decided to keep her unique birthmark, and hasn't look back since.

Now living in Los Angeles and working as a professional dancer, Naud sees her birthmark as simply another part of herself. She hasn't let it hold her back from living her best life, and her story has inspired others to do the same.

Check out the photos and video of this amazing woman below, and think twice next time you want to let your appearance hold you back.


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Sun's out guns out

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