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25 Cast Reunion Photos Guaranteed To Give You Nostalgic Feelings.

When a TV series or movie ends, theoretically, time stands still for the characters. We don't ever find out what happens to them in the future. All we can do is appreciate the time we've shared with them and say our final goodbyes. That's why when such cast members reunite, fans can't help but to feel some type of way.

The cast of Lord of the Rings recently had a dinner together and shared a group photo on Instagram that fans just couldn't get enough of. Cast reunions have the ability to make us feel old, make us shed a tear, make our hearts skip a beat, and just make us overall emotional.

It's fascinating to see what certain actors and actresses look like after all these years. So here's a few of our favorite celebrity cast reunions.

#1. Ghostbusters: 1984 Vs. 2016

The original Ghostbusters and the new ones united! This is such an awesome photo, especially since the reboot received so much hate.

Ghostbusters: 1984 Vs. 2016

#2. Forrest Gump: 1994 Vs. 2014 Forrest Gump: 1994 Vs. 2014

Run, Forrest, Run! Lieutenant Dan did a great job choosing the fruit stock.

Forrest Gump: 1994 Vs. 2014 Forrest Gump: 1994 Vs. 2014

tom hanks

#3. The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants: 2005 Vs. 2013

They made a movie about sisterhood and then gained an actual sisterhood from it. :)

#4. Matilda: 1996 Vs. 2013

A classic movie everyone remembers and loves. Happy to see they're all so great and happy years later.

Matilda: 1996 Vs. 2013

#5. That '70s Show: 1998 Vs. 2013

An iconic group that will remain in the hearts of many fans. And it looks like age has been treating them all so well.

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