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A Scottish Castle Was COVERED In Graffiti… And It’s A Psychedelic Fairy Tale.

The Kilburn Castle in Glasgow, Scotland is like no other fort in the world. The 13th century home was in need of a new cement render in 2007. David and Alice asked their father, the Earl of Glasgow, Patrick Robin Archibald Boyle, to paint the otherwise grey and brown building into a colorful mural.

The Earl hired Brazilian graffiti artists Nina Pandolfo, Nunca, and twins Os Gêmeos to design a tropical fantasy world with huge and vibrant fish, monkeys, and large fruits. Their work was meant to be temporary with a three-year permit from Historic Scotland. By 2012, an inspection revealed the cement was once again damaging the castle walls. The mural was supposed to be removed by last summer, although, there have not been any updates as to what has been done with the eclectic work of art.

Over 1,500 cans of spray were used for this massive project.

The mural is considered one of the world's top 10 street art.

It is reported the Boyle's will hold a contest for architects and artists to come up with a new mural just as exciting.

Built in the 13th century, the castle is the oldest in Scotland lived by the same family.

The Earl says that the art graffiti, "is loved by everyone who sees it."

"It has become a landmark and a talking point and it has given the castle and the estate a whole new character," says the Earl of Glasgow Patrick Boyle.

David and Alice Boyle's advice for the mural made the castle a tourist attraction.

"We thought we should use the opportunity to brighten up the castle walls. Their work is amazing and it's very colourful," says Alice Boyle.

It cost £20,000 to create this stunning mural, the equivalent of $28,919.

"It is a project of contrasts and collaboration that bridges between cultures, rural and urban realms and unites two proud and very different cultures," explains Kelburn Estate.

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Source: Amusing Planet