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Adele Invited YouTube Stars On Stage With Her... And Blows The Crowd Away.

Ronan Scolard and Glenn Murphy are probably the biggest Adele fans around and hoped the singer was aware of their existence. The duo covered a medley of the singers’ most famous songs on YouTube recently, making the video go viral within days. Tenor Murphy and pianist Scolard really hoped the superstar knew they would be in the audience during her tour stop in Dublin, Ireland.

Not only did the Brit know they were in the crowd, she invited them on stage to perform their mashup for her. Adele had a piano and microphone ready for the two musicians to shine in front of a sold out arena.

Scolard admits the experience will stay with him forever, making it even more special is going through it with his best friend Murphy. “Adele, thanks for giving two young Irish lads the memory of a lifetime,” Scolard wrote on his Facebook page.

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Source: njdel1

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