By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Cat And Turtle Have Discovered Their Own Version Of ‘The Amazing Race.’

Ring Around the Rosie isn't just a game for your two-legged toddler or the playground: It's fun the whole animal kingdom can enjoy.

Turning the classic twirling game into a bit of tag, this cat and turtle make awesome playmates. Even though the cat has the size advantage, at certain points, he seems a little bit too worried that the turtle is going to grab his tail. The turtle seems to be friskier than the rest of his species - perhaps it's from spending a little too much time around his feline friend?

It's fun watch, but it's even more fun to imagine what else this unlikely duo do in their downtime. We like to imagine the two deciding to have a beer together, walking paw-in-claw into the sunset.

Source: Kindell Jabsen