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25 Cats Who Don’t Give A [email protected]%K About Your Stupid Dog Bed.

If you own a cat, you already know that they're the boss of the household. No matter who lives in the household, humans or dogs, cats are at the top of the hierarchy. There's just something about these furry creatures that intimidates all other beings.

This also means that whatever is in the household belongs to the cat(s). Unfortunately, this means that if you have both a dog and a cat in your home, your cat most likely bullies your dog around. They might eat your dog's food, play with your dog's toys, and last, but not least, sleep in your dog's bed.

These scary felines love to exhibit their power and what better way to do that than to sleep in a bed that's supposed to belong to a big dog. If you don't believe us, check out the cat thieves below.

#1. Nothing about this photo makes sense.

But that's cat logic for you.

#2. This pug is extremely unamused!

I hope that cat's sleeping with one eye open.

#3. When two cats gang up on you, you automatically got no chance.

I'm sorry boy, this is a battle you cannot win.

#4. "Hah! Joke's on you. There's a hole in the roof."

Said the dog quietly to make himself feel better.

#5. When they start young...

You're basically helpless.

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