Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Everything You Need To Know About Your Cat's Behavior.

Cats are so unusual in their behavior, aren't they? And although other pets are easier to predict, like a dog, turtle, or even a hamster, cats completely defy our explanation. In fact, they seem to be a part of life's many mysteries. But we may be one step closer to deciphering their body language and enigmatic behavior.

There's a reason why they like shaking their booties too.

It turns out that men my might be from Mars and women might be from Venus, but your cat seems to be from a completely different planet if he's doing this. Maybe you should invest in an EM shield.

We see them rolling, they hating!

Switch to cat food if your kitty starts doing this, bwcause it doesn't seem like Asian cuisine agrees with them at all, and there's no such thing as kitty TUMS.

Your cat might love the wilderness but he also wants to be on fleek.

Some might say squinting is a good sign. Others might say that they're giving you the stink eye. But whether it's one of those two reasons, or they need a new pair of sunglasses, you better do it fast, or they'll scratch your eyes out.

Butt up in the air, they love to shake it around like they just don't care.

When your cat raises its butt like that, it's either trying to make some new friends, telling you to kiss it, or they're just really super proud of their clean behind.

If your cat is sleeping in a circle, certain doom awaits closely.

Cats get time better than Doctor Who. So when you see a cat sleeping like this, you better make peace with everyone you've wronged, cause it's about to get heavy.

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