Camila VillafaƱe

By Camila VillafaƱe

LifeBuzz Staff

Everything You Need To Know About Your Cat's Behavior.

Who told you cats were talentless creatures?

Ever notice how your cat keeps acting like its kneading dough? Well it looks like you have your next potential Masterchef in your home. Who knew? But what a lifesaver, cause your cooking sucks.

Yeah well, cats kneading your stomach is not a sign of love.

When you don't get your cat's subtle hints, it looks for other ways to get you to understand what it is they want. Otherwise, they might just be sitting like this cause they're totally disgruntled with you.

Cats sit in a position that makes them look as if they were about to lay an egg.

It might also be checking to make sure you bathed them right. But since they hate the water, the possibility that they might be telling you they want to try their hand in music makes more sense.

Cats aren't as innocent as they seem...

In fact, they're very sneaky and know how to manipulate you. So when they're showing off they're belly, they're really suckering you in for an attack or getting you to feed them.

Silly humans have 5 senses, cats? You'd be surprised!

Uh, oh! Looks like cats really do have sight beyond sight. So, if they're doing this and the room has suddenly gotten colder, chances are you have a poltergeist.

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