By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

23 Dogs Who Are Living A Double Life As Cats… #11 Is Seriously Confused.

For the most part, dogs and cats are totally different. They have different habits, moods, and mannerisms. However, while most cats would never stoop to the level of impersonating a dog, sometimes dogs find a particular satisfaction in acting like cats.

Below are 23 dogs who decided that being a cat was a lot more exciting. Behold, as they cram themselves into small spaces in cat-like configurations, completely unaware that they're of the canine persuasion. #12 even got the cat to support him during his transition.

#1. His spatial reasoning skills are not the best.

#2. Forever perched and waiting for you to come home.

#3. You would not believe how chill he is right now.

#4. They call this the relaxation zone.

#5. The cat is going to be upset to learn she took this spot.

#6. Fully committed to relaxation.

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