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10 Cats Who Look Exactly Like Their Celebrity Doppelgangers.

It is said we have seven doppelgängers walking around the globe. Someone so identical to us, it looks like we were separated at birth. But what if your twin is not a human like you but rather a completely different species? These celebrity doubles come in the form of cats. If you don't believe us, you will have to look at the following photos for proof. You'll be purring for more.

#1. Miley Cyrus

This feline not only has the same hair colour as Miley Cyrus, it can stick its tongue out like the famous diva. The kitty like the singer has her own Instagram account.

Miley Cyrus

Instagram / Getty

#2. Zooey Deschanel

This kitten shares the same blue eyes as the "New Girl." It even seems to have her quirky and endearing personality as well.

Zooey Deschanel

Reddit / Getty

#3. Benedict Cumberbatch

A long neck, piercing eyes, and thin nose, makes this feline a photocopy of the English actor. It even has a posh attitude.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Reddit / Getty

#4. Tom Selleck

This cat looks so much like actor Tom Selleck, it even has the same bushy moustache. A Reddit user posted it online with the title "My friend’s cat looks like Tom Selleck," making everyone online go crazy with joy.

Tom Selleck

Reddit / Getty

#5. Lucy Liu

This plushy and beautiful cat looks like none other than Hollywood actor Lucy Liu.

Lucy Liu

Instagram / Getty

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